For Rent: Villas in “Kota Bunga” Puncak

For Jakarta locals, Puncak (a mountainous region 1,5 hours from Jakarta) is well known as an area of leisure; with its cool mountain breeze & amazing scenery. it’s the perfect getaway from Jakarta’s bustling city life. Puncak is perfect for family gatherings and coroporate functions. Whenever you are travelling to Puncak, make sure to visit Kota Bunga Resort. Kota Bunga is the best villa resort in Puncak with many of attractions and marvellous sights.

If you wish to stay in Kota Bunga Puncak, we offer villas for rent, all within close walking distance:

Villa Rates per night:

Rp 400,000 (weekdays) – Rp 750,000 (weekends & public holiday)


2 floors, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, hot water, dvd player, extra 2 sofa beds.

Spacious open area, perfect for bbq and games.

aviafront1.jpg aviafront2.jpg 


aviain1.jpg aviain2.jpg aviain3.jpg 


2 Floors, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms. As you can see, villa Avia is visible on the left side of villa Nottingham.

notifront.jpg notiin1.jpg


3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms. Only steps away from villa Avia and Villa Nottingham. Villa Oxford has similar architecture with villa Avia, except no outdoor open area. This is a picture of Villa Oxford (left side) taken from the porch of Villa Nottingham.

Some pictures of Kota Bunga Resort – Puncak

lv1.jpg img_0774.jpg

For further info, please contact:

Mr. Nuddin

Phone: +62 819 1215 0824


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